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Time and again, we are asked about our Envato Market experiences, so we would like to share them in a post. Specifically, we give you an overview of the advantages and disadvantages. We also explain what you should look out for when using Envato Market.


What is the Envato Market?

Are you planning to buy premium WordPress themes? If so, your search probably ends here. Today we're going to take a closer look at Envato Market and Themeforest. Envato Market is the largest marketplace for stunning WordPress themes, plugins and other online media. We'll focus on the themes and plugins in this post. Both platforms are well known and equally popular among WordPress users and online creators, and they bring with them a number of pros and cons, which we will show you below. Let's start with Envato Market.

The most important Envato market experiences

Envato Market is the largest international marketplace for themes, plugins, templates, scripts, modules, audio, video and much more. It offers millions of products in different categories that you can buy to create a unique website or advance a design project. Envato is a platform with a really huge product range, because there is much more to discover here than themes. Of which you can currently find over 50,000 WordPress themes on the platform alone.

The support of the platform as well as the providers of the products respond quickly to questions or problems in most cases. The price-performance ratio is particularly positive and there are always many offers to be found on the platform.

Video tutorial about Envato Market and Themeforest:

Negative Envato market experience

One disadvantage: It happens in some cases that a download is no longer available after years. This has already happened to me once with a still very new theme. So it is important to make a backup directly. Envato is also only available in English.

Themeforest Experience

Themeforest is one of the most popular online platforms to find a chic and functional WordPress theme for modern website projects. The selection is colorful, modern and huge. The designs are based on the current trends. And the wide selection of themes is also accompanied by increasing quality standards. You can find different types of themes, including HTML templates and themes for WordPress, Joomla and Drupal.
Therefore, you can find many popular themes on Themeforest, which often receive updates and have been on the market for a long time. This shows you a look at the sales figures of a theme. The sophisticated sorting function helps you with the search.

Negative Themeforest experience

A certain disadvantage with Themeforest is that you have to contact the manufacturer directly in case of problems with the theme. Themeforest does not mediate in this and therefore you have no protection as far as your purchase is concerned. Whether the purchased design theme works with a website is also related to other factors, such as plug-ins. You can't know that 100% before you buy and therefore you always have a certain, albeit small, residual risk. However, the experiences of other users will help you with the evaluation and you can also find the reviews on Themeforest. Also, many templates are overloaded with many plugins and not fully compatible with certain tools like Elementor.

Summary of advantages and disadvantages

There are many ways to buy products on Envato or Themeforest for each product type. In summary, it is worth taking a look at both platforms, because the prices for themes and other products are partly different and so you can often get one or the other product at a reduced price. Therefore, be sure to register at both online stores once, because a comparison is definitely worthwhile.



Alternative solution - A slim WordPress theme

WP Astra Theme

If you don't know exactly where your web project is going or you want to be sure that your theme is always up to date, we have another alternative. The theme "WPAstra" meets exactly these requirements. Moreover, the support is lightning fast and compatible with popular plugins like Elementor and WooCommerce.



Conclusion on the marketplaces

Regardless of whether you buy from Envato or Themeforest, both providers are reputable and you can get clarification on most questions in advance if you inform yourself sufficiently. In my opinion, Envato Market offers the better support. Depending on what you are looking for, you can find themes and many other products for a successful website appearance or your next design project on Envato. We wish you a lot of fun with the selection!

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In this review, we'll take a look at how you can use mollie for WooCommerce*. mollie is a payment service provider that allows you to receive payments online in your store. Although the software is also suitable for other systems like Shopware and Magento, we will focus on WooCommerce.


How mollie works for WooCommerce - one plugin for multiple payment methods

Based on the headline, we have to honestly clarify that mollie does not support all the payment methods in the world, but all the important ones. The special thing about it is that all payment methods (including PayPal) are available under one roof and with a single plugin. Yes, you read correctly - really all of them.
Small and medium-sized stores often underestimate the relevance of other payment methods. This is because in addition to very well-known methods worldwide, such as PayPal and KLARNA, there are other favorites in many countries. 
Mollie payment processor screenshot
You are probably surprised because you are not familiar with all payment methods, even though countries like Austria, Belgium and Poland border Germany. On the website of mollie you will find an explanation of each payment system. Don't worry, this is how it is for many store owners. Although you can activate all payment methods at the click of a button, you should always select the ones you need.
Mollie Dashboard

Set up multiple payment methods in WooCommerce with mollie Payments

The world is a big place and most of it is outside Europe. It is estimated that about a quarter of the world's Internet users speak English, and Chinese Internet users alone account for about 20%. 

Let's move on to Western issues, which always play a role in the introduction of new systems:

  • What does mollie cost for store owners?
    The fees of mollie are cheaper per transaction in relation to other providers like WooCommerce Payments and since there are no fixed costs. The exact fees can be found on mollie's website.
  • How hard is the setup?
    Mollie is connected to WooCommerce via a plugin, which is then set up. In mollie you can see the payment methods and transactions.
  • How do I get started with mollie for WooCommerce?
    Just use our partner link to register. Here you create a free account. After that, this must be briefly checked (verified) and activated. If you have then made the connection with the plugin, you are ready to go!

In summary, we don't know many easier ways to set up multiple payment methods in WooCommerce in such a short time.

Check out our matching video on how to set up Mollie Payments for WooCoomerce:

Advantages and disadvantages of mollie under the magnifying glass

Mollie has three key advantages over other providers:

  1. An uncomplicated connection (via plugin)
  2. Fair cost per transaction (cheaper than competitors)
  3. All major payment methods under one roof (including PayPal)

Especially PayPal is not directly included with other providers like Stripe or WooCommerce Payments. Here, Mollie solves a problem and still manages all payments with a very simple interface. We only see noteworthy disadvantages with Mollie for very special payment methods (e.g. Alipay) and duration on the market. In addition, the payment form can only be customized a little without WooCommerce developers. But that is complaining on a very high level.

Another advantage mollie offers is recurring payments. You can also offer subscriptions. Whether monthly, semi-annually or annually.

In the end, we were very excited about the German support and setup via plugin and interface. Below we have compared the advantages and disadvantages in a list:

Mollie overview transactions



Management and statistics in mollie for WooCommerce compared

If you're wondering why Mollie has its own dashboard with statistics, we'll shed some light here. Although you already have an overview with numbers in WooCommerce, you can filter especially the transactions much better in Mollie. For example, you can see which payment method is popular in your store and directly if payments are still pending.

There are numerous free plugins that provide little information about this, effectively losing customers.

Conclusion and test result for mollie

Even though the provider mollie is still comparatively young on the market, the payment service provider solves many common problems. For store operators, high transaction costs and complicated overviews are a real challenge. In our projects as a WooCommerce agency, we have had only positive experiences since the integration. Even store operators without expert knowledge can easily cope with the simple operation and interface. In addition, small store operators are given an ideal start in eCommerce (online trade) without contract periods or fixed fees.

Overall, the advantages outweigh the disadvantages and we would award an extra point for the quick setup. The bottom line is that it not only saves time and nerves, but also a few Euros every month.

We hope this testimonial will help you make a good decision for your WooCommerce store!

Joey stain
Joey stain
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