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Time and again, we are asked about our Envato Market experiences, so we would like to share them in a post. Specifically, we give you an overview of the advantages and disadvantages. We also explain what you should look out for when using Envato Market.


What is the Envato Market?

Are you planning to buy premium WordPress themes? If so, your search probably ends here. Today we're going to take a closer look at Envato Market and Themeforest. Envato Market is the largest marketplace for stunning WordPress themes, plugins and other online media. We'll focus on the themes and plugins in this post. Both platforms are well known and equally popular among WordPress users and online creators, and they bring with them a number of pros and cons, which we will show you below. Let's start with Envato Market.

The most important Envato market experiences

Envato Market is the largest international marketplace for themes, plugins, templates, scripts, modules, audio, video and much more. It offers millions of products in different categories that you can buy to create a unique website or advance a design project. Envato is a platform with a really huge product range, because there is much more to discover here than themes. Of which you can currently find over 50,000 WordPress themes on the platform alone.

The support of the platform as well as the providers of the products respond quickly to questions or problems in most cases. The price-performance ratio is particularly positive and there are always many offers to be found on the platform.

Video tutorial about Envato Market and Themeforest:

Negative Envato market experience

One disadvantage: It happens in some cases that a download is no longer available after years. This has already happened to me once with a still very new theme. So it is important to make a backup directly. Envato is also only available in English.

Themeforest Experience

Themeforest is one of the most popular online platforms to find a chic and functional WordPress theme for modern website projects. The selection is colorful, modern and huge. The designs are based on the current trends. And the wide selection of themes is also accompanied by increasing quality standards. You can find different types of themes, including HTML templates and themes for WordPress, Joomla and Drupal.
Therefore, you can find many popular themes on Themeforest, which often receive updates and have been on the market for a long time. This shows you a look at the sales figures of a theme. The sophisticated sorting function helps you with the search.

Negative Themeforest experience

A certain disadvantage with Themeforest is that you have to contact the manufacturer directly in case of problems with the theme. Themeforest does not mediate in this and therefore you have no protection as far as your purchase is concerned. Whether the purchased design theme works with a website is also related to other factors, such as plug-ins. You can't know that 100% before you buy and therefore you always have a certain, albeit small, residual risk. However, the experiences of other users will help you with the evaluation and you can also find the reviews on Themeforest. Also, many templates are overloaded with many plugins and not fully compatible with certain tools like Elementor.

Summary of advantages and disadvantages

There are many ways to buy products on Envato or Themeforest for each product type. In summary, it is worth taking a look at both platforms, because the prices for themes and other products are partly different and so you can often get one or the other product at a reduced price. Therefore, be sure to register at both online stores once, because a comparison is definitely worthwhile.



Alternative solution - A slim WordPress theme

WP Astra Theme

If you don't know exactly where your web project is going or you want to be sure that your theme is always up to date, we have another alternative. The theme "WPAstra" meets exactly these requirements. Moreover, the support is lightning fast and compatible with popular plugins like Elementor and WooCommerce.



Conclusion on the marketplaces

Regardless of whether you buy from Envato or Themeforest, both providers are reputable and you can get clarification on most questions in advance if you inform yourself sufficiently. In my opinion, Envato Market offers the better support. Depending on what you are looking for, you can find themes and many other products for a successful website appearance or your next design project on Envato. We wish you a lot of fun with the selection!

Do you want us to help you with theme selection so you don't make any startup mistakes with Google rankings or a store? 

You want to create a WordPress gallery without much effort? We show you how you can easily create an image gallery in WordPress with or without a plugin. 

A gallery is a great way to display multiple images in a clear and structured way. Once created, you can easily expand this without programming skills. After this article you will be able to integrate a professional gallery on your WordPress website 😉.


What is a WordPress gallery suitable for?

A big advantage of a gallery in WordPress is especially the clear presentation. Images can be displayed in a certain order or filtered. Besides images, this can of course also be videos. Maybe you think now that image galleries are only something for photographers or designers. But you can use an image gallery for many purposes. A few examples:

  • References (Logos)
  • Projects (pictures with info below or above the picture)
  • Video gallery (product videos or training videos)
  • Products with filters
  • Show team as gallery

Now let's delve deeper into the topic and look at how to create your first gallery.

How can I create a WordPress gallery?

The easiest way is provided by WordPress, as a well-known system for creating websites. For this variant you do not need a plugin. In Gutenberg (the built-in editor of WordPress), you can display images in several columns. You can find a view on the following image:

Gallery in WordPress with Gutenberg

If you decide to use this option, you can find instructions here in the matching video.

Check out our video about WordPress Gallery:

Let's move on to the four other options if you don't use Gutenberg or need more features for your gallery. Make sure in advance that the plugin is compatible with your WordPress version and other extensions. This way you are on the safe side that everything works. You should also make a backup beforehand to save the current state of your website.

Gallery by Supsystic Plugin

supsystic gallery

The first option on our list is the gallery plugin from Supsystic. It has been downloaded over 50,000 times and is well rated. Classic galleries with titles or smaller animations are quickly created. Likewise, social sharing options (share images from the gallery on social media) can already be used in the free version. Only the operation in the background and the old-fashioned look of some templates did not convince in the test. However, this does not apply to all templates. It's best to take a look at them yourself on supsystic's website.



Envira plugin

envira gallery

Envira offers something more than Supsystic such as a download or print function. Likewise contents can be protected. Here, as with the other solutions, products and larger imports can now also be carried out. This is particularly helpful with many media. If you value these functions, Envira costs just about 25€ per year.



NextGEN Gallery Plugin

nextgen gallery

NextGEN by Imagely is widely used as a gallery plugin and deserves a place in our comparison. NextGEN is much more than just a collection of images. As a photographer, you can sell images or products in a collection. Another reason that makes the plugin interesting for photographers and designers is the Lightrooms addon. With it you can synchronize images from Lightrooms, (a program for image editing) with your gallery. Also, the plugin automatically creates backups and resizes your images. You can crop, sort and name them without many clicks.



WPModula plugin

modula gallery

Modula is one of the most popular plugins for creating image galleries. No wonder it has been downloaded over 100,000 times. Here you will find many pre-made templates and design options. With just a few clicks, Modula offers beautiful effects, videos, filters and more. Even advanced users can make customizations with individual code. Photographers can even add a watermark to images. Overall, it's very comparable to NextGen Gallery.



Conclusion for your web project

It depends as so often on your requirements. Basically you can create a WordPress gallery in a flash with or without a plugin. If you need a classic image gallery without special features like a filter or animations, you don't need a plugin. However, if you plan a more sophisticated gallery for your portfolio or projects, all 4 presented plugins are ideal.

A final tip: Upload the images in advance in the correct format and make sure that the file size is not too large. This will keep your website loading time fast and the image sizes consistent.

Joey stain
Joey stain
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